Spotted Thick-knee

The spotted thick-knee (Burhinus capensis) also known as the spotted dikkop, Cape thick-knee, or Miiby bird is a wader in the family Burhinidae. It is native to tropical regions of central and southern Africa.


The spotted thick-knee, which can reach up to 45.5 cm  in height, has long legs and brown-and-white speckled plumage which provides camouflage, making it difficult to spot the bird in the grasslands and savannas where it roams. The spotted thick-knee is nocturnal and squats on the ground during the daytime, making it difficult to spot. It hunts exclusively on the ground, feeding on insects, small mammals and lizards.


The spotted thick-knee has a very extensive range, and its population is believed to be stable. For these reasons, the IUCN has rated it as being of "Least Concern".


Source : Wikipedia