Common Eland

The eland is the largest bovid in Africa. An adult male is around 1,6 m tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 1000 kg. It is also the slowest of the antelope but is a great jumper despite its huge size. It can clear a 2 metres fence with ease. It can jump 3 metres from a standing start. That makes them difficult preys for predators as lions.

Elands are very sociable animals. They live in large groups between 25 and 70 elands but it can be much more. Herds will make nurseries for all the newborn offspring. The mother and the calf will stay at the nursery until the calf is 3 years old, after which they will rejoin the herd.

Female elands can produce up to 7kg of milk every day. This milk is richer in milkfat than a cow's milk.

When walking, tendon or joints in the eland's foreleg produce a sharp clicking sound that has been subject to considerable speculations.. The sounds carries some distance from a herd, and may be a form of communication.