Afroalpine Vlei rat

The afroalpine vlei rat (Otomys orestes) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae. It is found in the high moorlands of Mount Kenya and Aberdare. 

Head-body 135-175 mm, tail 61-93 mm, ear 21-25 mm, hindfoot 25-30 mm. The Afroalpine Vlei Rat is large and robust, with large blunt head, short tail, and shaggy fur. Fur is tawny brown above, with distinctive creamy buff post-auricular patches, and dark gray below. Tail is short (c.46% of head-body length). Upper and lower incisors each have single deep groove, and additional faint groove is present on lower incisors. 

Habitat : open heath and grassland habitats above the tree line at elevations of 2700— 4200 m.

The Afroalpine Vlei Rat is presumably diurnal or crepuscular.