Bat-eared Fox

In Kenya the bat-eared fox is nocturnal 85% of the time. It is predominantely insectivore and uses its large ears to locate its preys.About 80-90% of his diet is harvester termites. When this specific termite is not available he can feed on ants, beetles, dung-beetles especially, grasshopers,crickets, millipedes, moths, scorpions, spiders and even birds, small mammals and reptiles. The insects they eat fulfill the majority of their water intake needs. Bat-eared foxes are highly social animals. They often live in pairs or groups of up to 15 individuals. They are predominantely socially monogamous and, in contrast with other canids, the bat-eared fox has a reversal in parental roles with the male taking on the majority of the parental care behaviour. Visual displays are very important in communication among them.