Crowned Hornbill

Dark brown hornbill with a white belly and an orange bill. The white corners of the tail are conspicuous in flight. Males and females are similar, but male has a bigger casque on top of the bill. Found in lush woodland, forest, and forest edge. Often in small flocks. Call is a long series of high, piping notes. Has little overlap in range with similar hornbills, and is unique in having a yellow eye.

Source : ebird

The crowned hornbill is a common resident of the coastal and riverine forests of southern (only the eastern coast) to northeastern Africa. 

It forages mainly in trees, where it feeds on insects (often caught in flight), small rodents, small reptiles, eggs, seeds and fruits. This hornbill species can be seen in flocks, usually in the dry season. Four to five white eggs are incubated for 25 to 30 days; the juveniles remain with both parents for about 8 weeks.

Source : Wikipedia