Collared Pratincole

The collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola), also known as the common pratincole or red-winged pratincole, is a wader in the pratincole family, Glareolidae. As with other pratincoles, it is native to the Old World. The genus name is a diminutive of Latin glarea, "gravel", referring to a typical nesting habitat for pratincoles. The species name pratincola means an inhabitant of meadows, from Latin pratum, prati, "meadow" and incola, "inhabitant", from incolere, "to inhabit".

Elegant, agile flier that looks like a cross between a plover and a swallow. Adult is warm gray-brown with an elegant “necklace” and red bill base. Juvenile is grayer, with white-fringed feathers. Very narrow (sometimes unnoticeable) white trailing edges to wings and dark rusty underwings distinguish this species from similar pratincoles. Usually seen in buoyant flight over open country, from dry fields to grassy wetlands with muddy shorelines. Inconspicuous on the ground; note short-legged and very long-winged “horizontal” profile. Feeds mainly in flight, sweeping back and forth like a giant swallow to snatch aerial insects.

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