The oribi is one of the smallest african antelopes (50/ 60 cm high - 12/22 kg). It is mainly diurnal. Primarily a grazer, the oribi prefers fresh short grasses but can browse when the plains are dry. Only males possess horns (thin and straight 10-18cm). They are usually found in pairs and are very territorial. They have 6 different glands that produce smells that marks their territory but are also frequently used to communicate. Males spend a big amount of time on border patrol and marking their territory, roughly 16 times an hour, by the secretion of one gland.The "dung ceremony", in which all animals form temporary dung middens is another way to mark and protect their territory.

When under threat, the first reaction is to hide and if they are spotted they sprint in a zigzag bounding run at 40-50 km/h. After a distance of 100-200 m they stop and look back to see if they are still being chased.

In kenya this species used to live in Mont kenya, but, due to destruction of the forest by humans, it is no longer common there. You can see them in Masai Mara and Ruma National Park.