Taita fiscal

The Taita fiscal (Lanius dorsalis) is a member of the shrike family found in east Africa from southeastern South Sudan, southern Ethiopia, and western Somalia to northeastern Tanzania. Its habitat is dry open thornbush and acacia and other dry open woodland. This is a fairly distinctive 21 cm-long passerine with white underparts and a black crown, hindneck and wings. The back is grey with a characteristic white 'V' and the rump is white. The tail is relatively long and black with white outer feathers. There is a small white patch on the wings. The adult Taita fiscal is distinguished from other black-headed fiscals by the grey back and the wing pattern, if those are well seen.

It is present in most of Kenya, only being absent from the coastal strip and the Highlands.

The Taita fiscal is usually solitary and hunts insects and small vertebrates from an exposed perch or the tops of shrubs. The nest is a twig and grass cup built in a thorn tree. Three or four white eggs blotched with grey or white is the typical clutch.

Source : Wikipedia