Chinspot Batis

The chinspot batis is a small songbird of the genus Batis in the family Platysteiridae which is a common and widespread species in the woodlands of southern Africa from the Eastern Cape north to 3°N in southern Kenya and Gabon. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, and dry savanna.

The male Chinspot Batis plumage and colours are different to that of the female Chinspot Batis (the female has a rufous brown splash on the upper breast as well as on the neck).


The chinspot batis is not normally sociable and is usually encountered singly or in pairs. It is a very active bird, moving its head in a constant search for prey, while it flicks its tail and wings, jerks its body and cocks its head. Chinspot batises are territorial throughout the year, defending an area of around 5 hectares which the male advertises with a descending three note whistle from a prominent perch, the female may join the mail in a duet. This call is made in a head up posture, exposing the conspicuous white throat.


Prey is most often foraged for in trees, either by hawking or by gleaning from foliage, most food is caught within the canopy. Sometimes hawks in the air like a flycatcher and very rarely catches prey on the ground. The prey is caught with an audible snap of the bill and then held down with one foot and stripped, larger prey items may be beaten against a branch. Arthropods but especially insects and insect larvae make up the largest part of their diet but spiders are included too.


Source : Wikipedia